Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Entrepreneurial Quote of the Week

Every week, Strata Communications & Media will feature a quote from a successful Entrepreneur.  It has been well documented that the entrepreneurial spirit is always at its highest during hard economic times.  Lay-offs, forced retirement and job scarcity take on the persona of  "Necessity" also known as the "Mother of Invention."  So for those of us who are traveling the road to self-sufficiency and entrepreneurial success, here are some pearls of wisdom.

"Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune."
Jim Rohn

Facts about Jim Rohn:
  • Emanuel James "Jim" Rohn (1930 - 2009) was born in Yakima, Washington
  • At age 25, worked as a stock clerk for Sears collecting a weekly $57 paycheck.
  • Became a millionaire by age 31.
  • At one point in his career, Rohn's net worth fell from $2,300,000 to almost zero.
  • Started a personal development business called "Adventures in Achievement" which featured both live seminars as well as personal development workshops.
  • Conducted seminars worldwide for more than 40 years based on his business philosophy. (see below)
  • Recipient of the 1985 National Speakers Association CPAE Award for excellence in speaking.
  • The author of 17 different books, audio and video programs.
Jim Rohn believed that success was comprised of 5 major components which he discussed in his book Five Major Pieces to the Life Puzzle:
  • Philosophy - how you think
  • Attitude - how you feel
  • Action - what you do
  • Results - measure often to see if you are making progress
  • Lifestyle - the kind of life you can make for yourself out of the first four pieces
All info comprised from Wikipedia

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