Thursday, October 9, 2014

STRATA Communications & Media is now STRATA Communications & Media Publishing!

Yaaay, I'm a publisher!  Again...

I published my first book of poems on, Pubit (Barnes & Noble) and Smashwords back in 2010.  While I've had sales, it hasn't been spectacular.  That's probably because I didn't really take my first stab at self-publishing seriously.  I'd read about all of these fabulous writers who had made huge fortunes on Amazon Kindle, (Amanda Hocking, Trylle Trilogy; J.A. Konrath, Jack Daniels series). and thought that after reading their blogs that I could follow in their overtly prosperous footsteps.  Needless to say....

So here I am again.  After receiving a whole new cache of inspiration from co-workers on my 9-5 who have published books that are doing quite well, I'm giving it another try.  I changed the look and the feel of the book, I believe the work stands on its own, but the cover is different and so is my attitude about marketing.  I realize that marketing is the most important aspect (next to good writing) of being a successful writer. By successful, I mean having the ability to live the life you want while making a living at your passion.

That is why I've changed the focus of STRATA Communications & Media from PR to publishing.  My vision for STRATA is for my work to have a conduit for publication and to eventually promote and publish the works of other writers.

In the meantime, I'm going to use social media to my advantage and get the word out about my work. I'm going to learn as I go, but most importantly, I'm going to write.

Affirmations: A Book of Poems is now available on Pubit! Barnes & Noble, in Kindle version and will be updated on Smashwords very soon. It's also available here on STRATA and on my writer's blog, The Late Bloomer. Excerpts will be available on the blog as well as on Facebook.

Thanks for visiting and keep writing!

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