Press Release:  $130.00

Product Descriptions (minimum order is $10)
Short product descriptions (average under 30 words) $3 and up
Long product descriptions (over 35 words) $4.50 and up

Article Writing (Articles are 350-450 words)
Individual:  $25.00/article

450-550 words - Individual:  $35.00/article

550+ words: $45.00-$50.00/article

I grant full rights:  You may re-brand them, rewrite them, mark up my rates or sell them to your clients, etc.

Ebook Writing:  Varies on the project:  Base price from $800.00/25-50 double-spaced pages

Ghostwriting:    Varies on the project

Poetry and Prose:  $15.00 per poem/ 10.00 per double-spaced  page of prose

Showcase events and bookings - priced per project

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